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亚愽彩票官网登陆:卡纳瓦罗:保利尼奥不可或缺 塔利斯卡失误了也得说
发布时间:2021-10-15 01:44:01

Netease Sports reported on October 21:


Just ended


Kashuai first commented on the game: "I am very satisfied with the game process. In the case of injuries and fewer games, I can try my best to let every player have playing time in the elimination game, and adjust well. Status. The goal set before the game was completed on the field. In the first half of the first half, we still gave the opponent some more threatening counterattacks. We organized the offensive in the backcourt and made mistakes in passing and receiving the ball in the frontcourt. We still controlled the game later. The deployment during the rhythm, during training and before the game was completed very well."


Speaking of Paulinho’s good state, Cannavaro said bluntly: "The player's 100% state is not just that Paulinho has not reached, but many players have not reached the peak state. It is not only my team that has this problem. , Other teams also have this year’s special game system, coupled with the atmosphere of no fans, it is difficult for players to reach the best state of the usual league. Speaking of him, he is indispensable, not the number of goals, not just on the court, As a top athlete outside the stadium, he respects and helps the Chinese people, respects and helps all the Chinese people, and sets an example for Brazilian players. These functions are more important than those on the court; skills and tactics on the court help the team a lot. If there are more foreign aids in the league, it will have a great effect on the development of football. It is not only an example, but not only the importance of the field."


In the 30th minute of the first half of the game, Kashuai had an action to shoot off the bench. Talking about this action, Kashuai said: "Don't mention the names of the players. During our training, we were prepared for the pre-match training and know what Hebei is. It’s time to come out to press, and I was prepared to break through the opponent’s press before the game. At 30 minutes, there was no success and a steal in the backcourt threatened the opponent. But it is not allowed to complain about young players. You cannot complain because the players have little experience. I have always said in the team that technical mistakes made by players on the court are allowed and no one will not make mistakes, especially young players. The responsibility lies with me. I send young players to make mistakes. I bear the responsibility, not which one is targeted. A player, the same for Taliska. My midfielder told him that there was a long-distance cross pass in the first half that caused the opponent to counterattack. He performed very well in this game. It was not a surprise to me. In my opinion, he There is no problem playing in the five major European leagues. I am very happy as the head coach. Every player will give you 100% cooperation. This is a good signal for the coach to work in the team."


Regarding Wu Shaocong, who started the game as a left-back, Kashuai made a comment: "First of all, he is not a left-back, he has always been a standard left-back, but due to the special circumstances of the team, we let him try this position. , He is a natural left foot, he has an advantage over right foot players, especially forward, the left foot is more convenient, he is very young, constantly improving, every time he plays, there will be a little change, he is very promising For me, there is an extra weapon in terms of technique and tactics. He is still a U23 player and he can rotate with Yang Liyu, Yan Dinghao and others."


Regarding the substitution quota with 20 minutes left in the game, Cannavaro said: "It is not for training. This is the 16th game this year. The most important thing is the score at the time plus the first leg advantage. Some players There is no need to risk a yellow card, and I want to give some players more time."


Huaxia Assistant


Speaking of the team’s next goal, Huang Qingliang said bluntly: “The goal is to play well in every league. The goal of the league is to train the team first, because we are playing in the championship group. Everyone has seen it. At the end of today, we sent Playing with young players is to let them adapt to the Chinese Super League in advance."


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